I made the initial cut in the James Jones First Novel Contest.  The winner gets $10,000.  Surely winning would also get you an agent, if not a publisher.   Usually around 600 writers enter.  In addition to the top winner, there are two runners-up and five finalists.  Eight chances to win.  Just being a finalist would be a big boost. Wonder what my odds are.  Figure, for the sake of argument, they eliminated three quarters in the first round.  That would leave 150.  Eight shots.  A lot better odds than when you send a short story off to one of those little magazines. Is making the first cut what the Brits call being “shortlisted” for a prize?  That has a nice sound to it.  Like you’re definitely a contender.

I’m leaving for a trip to Lebanon and Palestine today. I always feel a bit disoriented and vaguely homesick on travel days.


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