Et tu, Bob

Sure, Mariah Carey did it for Gaddafi, and Elton John did it for Rush Limbaugh, but China, Bob?  You had to perform for China, and not even Chinese students; you entertained a bunch of party hacks.  And the communists wouldn’t even let you sing Blowin’ in the Wind?  Sure Gaddafi is a bad guy, but he couldn’t be as bad a guy as the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, even if he wanted to.  The Chinese Communist Party has killed more Chinese than there are people in Libya. Dylan has said that he pretty much faked his interest in folk music just to get gigs.  Did he fake his interest in civil rights too, or has he simply switched sides? For a withering take on Dylan’s Chinese adventures, read Maureen Dowd in the Sunday Times.

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2 comments on “Et tu, Bob

  1. Phil Stephens on said:

    Dylan is like Hitler [see today’s e-Blurb]: The older you get the less interesting he seems. It is a little unnerving that the grandchildren of the Generation of the ‘Sixties still find guys like ol’ Bob, and Jim Morrison of the Doors, “inspiring”.
    From what I’ve been able to gather over the years: Dylan has always been one of those round-the-clock musicians [always plunking out a ditty on a guitar or piano]. The lyrics to his songs are only incidental, an afterthought.
    Hitler was just a screwed up Austrian buffoon, bent on revenge.
    Stalin was evil but no Al Capone. A fascinating character study.

  2. Judith Podell on said:

    Dylan should be ashamed of himself. But he never has been. He’s always been an opportunist. Kind of like Brecht.

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