No agent yet, but there is always Percocet

The agent who took a look at the first 70 pages of my book says he doesn’t know the “right editors” for my novel and suggests I try Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents.   I can’t complain about his treatment. He responded quickly to my initial query and to the 70 pages I sent.

Coincidently, I had surgery on my sinuses yesterday, and the hospital sent me home with a bottle of Percocet. It helps with the pain in my nose and the pain of rejection.  I see why the stuff is addictive.

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One comment on “No agent yet, but there is always Percocet

  1. Phil Stephens on said:

    Double Ouch! Can we assume that sinus surgery is performed with some sort of reaming device that operates like a battery-driven swizzle stick?

    It may be purely legend, but some publisher, somewhere, at one time, must’ve been so taken with the inherent quality Jack Kerouac’s [first?] novel, typed on a continuous roll of paper, that he gave it the “go ahead”. This is in no way meant to judge your novel, but: In this you-gotta-have-a-gimmick world it might prove useful to make an “eye-catching” change or two in your manuscript or presentation thereof.

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