No athiests in foxholes?

When I had a brain tumor, I didn’t get religion on the eve of the surgery, and, so far, the intense need to to see my book in print hasn’t driven me to prayer.  Drink maybe, but not prayer.  Today a ray of hope, an email from a New York literary agent.  He must have liked my query and the opening paragraphs I sent him, because he asked me to send the first 70 pages.  I could ask God to whisper in this agent’s ear when he’s reading my manuscript, but I won’t.

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5 comments on “No athiests in foxholes?

  1. Phil Stephens on said:

    As that guy from the Doors rock group intoned: “You cannot petition the lord with prayer!” But you can thank him for perking the agent’s attention to the point of asking for your first 70 [why 70 do you suppose?] pages. And pour yourself a drink, too.

  2. Calgary Fats on said:


    I think I will pour myself a tumbler of whisky. I’m going to try some of that imitation Moonshine I’ve seen in the liquor store. There’s one even comes in a Mason jar.

  3. Phil Stephens on said:

    Have you ever been haunted by this possibility?: First, a publisher accepts your book/manuscript. Then you sit down with the editor[s] and are told that you have to virtually rewrite the entire thing. Arrrrrgh! The chore of it all! Hang in there, nevertheless. I’ve read biographies of several authors and most of them, Wolfe and Dreiser in particular, spent most of their writing-lives at loggerheads with their editors and publishers. It wouldn’t be surprising that somewhere a publisher shot an author, or a novelist wrung an editor’s neck.

  4. Calgary Fats on said:

    From my perspective, the big horror is being ignored entirely. Most writers are lucky to get a piece published in one of those literary journals that pay you in copies of the issue that has your story in it. When you were a virgin, you didn’t worry about getting a girl pregnant or catching the clap, did you? Of course not, getting laid was such a big deal, any potential post-coital difficulties were beneath consideration.

    • Phil Stephens on said:


      That’s gotta be the greatest analogy I’ve ever heard/read!: Comparing losing one’s virginity [and not worrying any possible down-sides] with getting published for the first time and casting any future complications to the wind.

      I’ve heard that Lawrence of Arabia lost the first manuscript of “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” and had to re-write the whole damn thing. In 1967 I was working on a brilliant poem called “Holandaise, China Nights, Brothers & Others” and lost the original three or four pages in a hippie coffee house on Milpas Street. I tried to re-do the whole thing from memory, but the second stab at “Holandaise, China Nights, Brothers & Others” that exists today is a pathetic mess.

      WordPress failed to send me a notice of your comment above.

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