Rupert Pupkin and me

I know that new writers have to show agents and publishers that they can help market their book, so  I have a Facebook page and obviously I blog.  And I keep Facebook and the blog updated, which demands daily attention.  In fact, both of them absorb  tremendous amounts of time and energy that could be applied to real writing.  Facebook, especially, offers great opportunities to crack jokes, compare notes with fellow struggling writers,  argue with Republicans.  Blogging, on the other hand, is a lot less interactive.  In fact,  sometimes it  feels like I’m all alone except for the spammers.

Blogging reminds me of the Robert de Niro character in that great Scorsese movie, King of Comedy.  De Niro plays Rupert Pupkin, a would- be stand-up comic and stalker of a famous talk show host played by Jerry Lewis.  Pupkin runs a kind of pretend talk show in his bedroom and creates a world where he’s a regular guest on the show and he and Jerry are friends. See the similarity?

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One comment on “Rupert Pupkin and me

  1. Phil Stephens on said:

    It’s not your fault that blogs, or even “private” websites for that matter, don’t get may hits these days.
    There is a quantum difference between you and Rupert Pupkin. Yours is the loneliness of the yet-unpublished first novelist.
    Having just concluded James Leo Herlihy’s “All Fall Down” it occurs to me that an untapped field of study would simply be: “First Novels”…The Herlihy book, his first, reminded me, in terms of structure, of Scott Fitzgerald’s first, “This Side of Paradise”.
    You can tell by reading these two first novels that their publishers detected a certain genius within their pages, and decided to take a chance [on publishing them].
    Both “All Fall Down” and “This Side of Paradise” are imperfect, a bumpy read…and that is part of their charm.
    So hang in there, hold your ground, and hopefully a daring publisher will spot the genius within your first venture into novel-dom, say [initially, at least]”The bottom-line be damned!” and give the green light to the presses in his “house”.

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