No friends in high places for Afghan women

The Washington Post provides a grim update on the condition of Afghan women.  We learn that the Karzai government is drafting new rules that would ban private safe houses for women fleeing abuse and require eviction from public safe houses for those women whose families want them back.  In other words, the women will be returned to their abusers.  Reportedly Karzai is pushing the change as a step in making peace with the Taliban, who, naturally, oppose the shelters.

The Post article also outlines a change in American policy requiring USAID projects to include a women’s empowerment component.  The change is summed up cold-bloodedly in a quote from a nameless US official, ”Gender issues are going to have to take a back seat to other priorities.”

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2 comments on “No friends in high places for Afghan women

  1. Serenity on said:

    It’s always sickening to see people viewing Afghan women as vulnerable or desperate or in need of westerners’ help. What the hell.

  2. Calgary Fats on said:

    I don’t understand your point. Are you saying that Afghan women aren’t vulnerable? To say that they are doesn’t demean them. Anyone, male or female in the same situation would be vulnerable.

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