Quotable skin

I’m always looking for blogs that cater to readers with short attention spans.  This one caught my attention and held it.  The subject is literary tattoos.  Interesting text and charming  presentation.

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3 comments on “Quotable skin

  1. Phil Stephens on said:

    I’m not exactly sure what you’re getting at, but it led me to Sharon Olds who is a very good poet and not half-bad looking for someone born in 1942.

  2. Phil Stephens on said:

    Why didn’t the tattoo-wearer post the lyrics to some dumb punk rock anthem on her pale avoirdupois? The poem “I Go Back To May 1937” is much too good to be displayed in such a crass faux-feminist fashion. Check out the line about “paper dolls” in “I Go Back To May 1937”. Memorable! Whatta metaphor!

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