Subway creates sandwich abomination.

There are more important events in the world than the act of food abuse recently committed by the Subway sandwich chain, but I couldn’t remain silent.  Pastrami with melted provolone!  What were they thinking?  Mustard and that’s it. My girlfriend claims that no decent deli sandwiches exist outside the New York metropolitan area.  I always thought this a bit extreme, but it clearly is true that not everyone can be trusted with Pastrami.

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  1. Judith Podell says:

    Hot pastrami, fresh rye bread and mustard with a pickle on the side, is that so hard, Washington Metropolitan area?

  2. Larry you have deliberately, or inadvertently, left us with brilliant line: “it clearly is true that not everyone can be trusted with Pastrami.” What you have described is akin to drinking Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey out of a plastic Winnie the Poo mug.
    The world would be better served if the big restaurant chains would quit trying to go “ethnic”. I heard a couple days ago that McDonald’s in Jerusalem was pushing felafel and it is a disaster. 1) The quality of McDonald’s felafel is sub-par, to say the least and 2) Even in Israel, when people go to McDonald’s they expect to eat an American hamburger.

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