The Donald Trump presidency and the coronavirus plague are wonderful incubators for wild-eyed conspiracies. I’m writing this in the time of the White House outbreak that so far has infected the president and over a dozen staff members and visitors. The bug is also picking off a number of Republican Senators and Members of Congress. The vast majority of these high-level victims have been refusing to wear surgical masks since the beginning. Supporters of precautions in the face of the pandemic are dismissed by many Trump followers as wimps or even worse as deep state conspirators seeking to undermine the president.

You might think that mask skeptics would re-think their position when they see their ideological colleagues dropping like flies and mask wearers mostly doing fine. It’s not happening. Instead a new rumor is circulating: more Republicans are getting the bug than Democrats because Democrats somehow have the ability to infect them.

Lately, I despair over the odds against long term survival of intelligent life on earth.

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