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What better time for another entry? 15 months is probably too long between blog entries, however. I’m lucky they are still a thing and haven’t already been wiped out by podcasts or Tweets. Except for the coronavirus, my life hasn’t changed much since the last entry in June, 2018. I completed a rough first draft of 600 plus double-spaced pages about a year ago. Now I’m at page 437 of the revision, and I figure it will come in around 550. That’s still too long, but I’m counting on the cutting being a lot easier than the creating.

For my partner and me, this shelter-in-place thing isn’t so difficult. As writers, we already spent a lot of time in our apartment, before it became fashionable. Of course, you can still get the virus without going outside. Somebody can sneeze on you as they pass in the hallway. And what if you are trapped with a sneezer or cougher in the elevator? How long can you hold your breath?

I would dearly love to write a story that incorporates some aspect of the pandemic. I figure that would be the ticket to publication in one of those obscure but oh so particular little magazines. The one story I did publish in a lit mag involved the Iraq war and I’d adapted it from an Iraq war-themed novel I was working on. My timing was good and they took the story. By the time I finished the novel, however, Iraq was no longer a hot topic. At least that’s what an agent told me.

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