Happy Inauguration Day

About time for another blog entry. It’s been over a year and a half since my last one. Strangely, that sentence reminded me of the opening line of Catholic confession, or what used to be the opening line: “Bless me Father for I have sinned. It has been X days, weeks etc. since my last confession”. If I ever went to confession again, the time span would be measured in decades. It might be that I’ve got religion on my mind as a result of the possibly apocalyptic times we live in. Christianity is good for fiery visions of the end.

I was down by the presidential inauguration area at 4 this morning to drop my oldest daughter off for work (She’s a Capitol Hill cop). It’s very busy down there, and it looks like they are really going to make Trump President. Then I came home and read an article in the Washington Post about Robert Spencer, the Great White Hope of neo-Nazis, moving to the DC suburbs. He was the guy leading the “Heil Trump” salutes on TV last month at a fascist meeting. He says he expects his cause to do a lot better now that Trump is President.

Tomorrow is the anti-inauguration. That will help improve my mood.

For the record, I completed my MFA program and my first novel. I hear from agents, little magazines and small presses all the time, but the answer is always the same. I did get one from Bomb last week regarding a short story, and it was the nicest, most encouraging rejection notice I ever received. Thank you Bomb.

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