Maybe not a contender anymore

The winner of Boaz Publishing’s Fabri Prize was supposed to be announced at the end of September. I don’t think I’m going to hear from them. Funny thing is, no one has heard from them as far as I can tell. The web site announcing the June 15, 2012 deadline hasn’t been updated. I guess this is a bit better than outright rejection.

Fortunately I’ve entered a dozen other contests – novels, short stories, short-shorts. Hope springs for a little while longer.

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  1. Steve High says:

    Everybody knows that Melville, Hemingway, and god knows who else experienced much rejection of their manuscripts, but it’s instructive to see how many books that turned out to be sensational moneymakers for their publishers were shitcanned over and over again.

    You’ll no doubt say agree some of these books out to have stayed rejected, but from a purely commercial standpoint, a great many supposedly hard-headed businessmen essentially set fire to thousands, perhaps millions, of U.S. dollars when, for example, they turned down Stephen King’s Carrie and its associated movie rights. King tossed the manuscript in the trash after getting 30 rejection slips, but his everlovin’ wife fished it out of the garbage and sent it out on its travels again.

    My problem is that I’m a very sensitive motherfucker. After some sleazebag mystery magazine turned down “The Toughest White Man in Oakland,” I fell into a prolonged funk that, at latest count, has lasted some four years or so.

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