Dog River

If you were an Egyptian general on your way to smite the Hittites you would have led your army up the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean through Lebanon.  This route had a major drawback, however, the Dog River, backed up by a steep rocky ridge that runs straight into the sea.   Great armies had to proceed over the ridge and down to the river in single-file making them incredibly vulnerable.

Tourist and Assyrian king

Around three thousand years ago, some general instituted the tradition of carving a memorial into the rock to mark his successful crossing of the Dog River.  The path across the ridge is lined with dozens of these carvings.  Greeks, Egyptians, Assyrians, Turks, Arabs, French, Brits, even Lebanese all left their marks.


The Dog River is no longer a barrier.  There is a bridge across the river and a tunnel through the rock.  And the armies of the last two countries to visit Lebanon, Syria and Israel, didn’t  come this way.

I love the name of the river and I love its history.  I’m going to use it in my book.  Maybe the two adulterous lovers will meet here.

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