Too many facts

The book I’m working on now is set in Lebanon around the years 1990 – 2005.  This period encompasses the civil war, the assassination of ex-Prime Minister Hariri and the 2006 Israeli invasion.  I want to concentrate on my characters, but I’m constantly snagged on some historical detail that requires research.

My heroine flees south Lebanon after her parents and her Irish soldier boyfriend are killed.  The intricacies of the civil war affect her every move, and it was a maddeningly complicated fight.  One example – I have her sheltering in a Druze village at one point.  So I need to know which side the Druze were on at that particular time.  Were they fighting the Christians, or were they allied?  Questions like this pop up constantly.

I’ll be in Lebanon later this week, so I can do a bit of research in my spare time, and renew my sense of the landscape.

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