It’s tough to be a woman

One of the two man characters in my new novel is a woman.  She is also a Shia Muslim whose family was massacred during the Lebanese Civil War when she was young.  To save her life, she pretended to be Christian and has lived as such for 20 years.  I’m going to tell her early story from her point of view, close-in third person.  I think I can pull off impersonating a female character, but it’s an intimidating task.  Even though virtually all of the details of her life are alien to me, it’s her femaleness that seems most difficult, despite the fact that I should know something about women, just from association.

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One comment on “It’s tough to be a woman

  1. Judith Podell on said:

    One thing I notice about male writers trying to write from Female Point of view is that they are much more fascinated by panties and less fascinated by outerwear than the real women I know.

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