Back in the USA

Vacation’s over and I can think of no better grounding on the reality I’ve come back to  than two Op-Ed pieces in the Washington Post by E.J. Dionne Jr. and Harold Meyerson.  Dionne is reflecting on the irony of America celebrating “Labor Day”  when workers and their unions are generally seen in the media and even by many in the Democratic Party as “obstacles to the economic growth our bold entrepreneurs would let loose if only they were free from labor regulations.”  Dionne very sensibly proposes changing the name of the holiday to “Capital Day”.

Meyerson complements Dionne’s gloomy assessment with some really gloomy statistics, quoting a study showing the median earnings of 25 to 64 year old men declined 28% between 1969 and 2009.  I know that the American labor movement is fighting back against what has become in essence a war against the non-rich by the rich.  I just wish we had a few more allies.

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