Missing the Mud – Part Deux, or when is it really boue?

Nostalgie de la boue generally has a sexual connotation, which is one of the reasons the words popped into my head when I thought of the my student days.  Although in my case, I suppose my nostalgie could also be categorized as “Nostalgie de mon jeunesse”.

Watch out for the mud!

Thought provoking French traffic sign

The phrase also popped into my head because I see the word boue every time I drive down the mountain to Carcassonne.  There is a warning sign by the road that says “Boue après Orage”  We finally figured out it must mean that we should watch out for mud on the road after a storm. The sign prompted a number of interesting discussions about nostalgie de la boue and exactly what kinds of sex acts and with whom constitute boue.

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