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21st Century Fascism

I’ve volunteered to work in Ohio on a ballot initiative.  We’re trying to overturn a piece of  legislation that pretty much cripples public employee unions.  It’s right out of the Republican play book.   You see it across the country.  And, … Continue reading

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Oh, James Jones, you heartbreaker

Just got an email from Wilkes University, the people who administer the James Jones First Novel Contest.  It was an automated message generated by one of those submissions manager web sites.  It said the status of my submission had changed. … Continue reading

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It’s tough to be a woman

One of the two man characters in my new novel is a woman.  She is also a Shia Muslim whose family was massacred during the Lebanese Civil War when she was young.  To save her life, she pretended to be … Continue reading

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Back in the USA

Vacation’s over and I can think of no better grounding on the reality I’ve come back to  than two Op-Ed pieces in the Washington Post by E.J. Dionne Jr. and Harold Meyerson.  Dionne is reflecting on the irony of America … Continue reading

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Missing the Mud – Part Deux, or when is it really boue?

Nostalgie de la boue generally has a sexual connotation, which is one of the reasons the words popped into my head when I thought of the my student days.  Although in my case, I suppose my nostalgie could also be … Continue reading

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