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Missing the Mud – Part Une

I just got an email from an old friend, Santa Barbara poet and raconteur, Phil Stephens.  At one point, Phil and I spent a lot of time in Isla Vista California, the student ghetto attached to UC Santa Barbara.  Phil … Continue reading

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Are you scared yet?

It’s my last few days at La Muse, and I should be focused on my novel. But this morning I read a piece by Dana Milbank on Rick Perry.  Milbank portrays Perry as a religious bigot hell bent on establishing … Continue reading

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No racists in my family tree

Looking for hurricane news in the Times and found this – a very smart analysis of how popular entertainment, like the movie, The Help, distorts the reality of race relations during the segregation era.  The author of this piece doesn’t … Continue reading

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If it wasn’t for women making country music, country music wouldn’t have no balls at all

The news from back home is not always depressing. I read a piece in yesterday’s paper about a new female Country and Western group, Pistol Annies, and I felt like maybe there was hope for America after all, despite the … Continue reading

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Evil doesn’t go on vacation

It’s nice to be tucked away in France for three weeks, but I can’t entirely ignore the self-inflicted catastrophe unfolding back home. This piece in the Washington Post summarizes the Republicans’ step-by-step campaign to reverse all of the gains in … Continue reading

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Lost in France

Judith and I are currently residents at a writer/artist retreat in France, La Muse. We are in the mountains near Carcassonne, which contains a perfectly preserved walled medieval town within the confines of the modern city. The city is gorgeous … Continue reading

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