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Two approaches to finding an agent

I have just read a wonderful piece in the Guardian on one of my favorite writers, Elif Batuman.  I learned that she never had to look for a literary agent.  She simply published an article about a Thai kick-boxer in the New Yorker, and the … Continue reading

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Republicans and Bladerunner – Part II

Dystopias are entertaining.  Bladerunner was an entertaining movie.  For some reason it’s fun to look into the future and see disaster.  But just because we like to watch our world trashed in a movie, doesn’t mean we want to live … Continue reading

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Et tu, Bob

Sure, Mariah Carey did it for Gaddafi, and Elton John did it for Rush Limbaugh, but China, Bob?  You had to perform for China, and not even Chinese students; you entertained a bunch of party hacks.  And the communists wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Who needs publishers?

Writer Matthew Swanson and illustrator Robbi Behr are doing just fine publishing their own stuff.  Presumably this means they have also dispensed with agents.  Now, the illustrated books that they turn out under the imprint of Idiot’s Press, with titles … Continue reading

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Republicans and Bladerunner

For the fiction writer who suffers from periodic urges to deliver political sermons, the dystopian novel offers the possibility of combining your creative and your evangelical natures.   George Orwell did it, illuminating the essence of Stalinism in 1984. Ridley … Continue reading

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