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No agent yet, but there is always Percocet

The agent who took a look at the first 70 pages of my book says he doesn’t know the “right editors” for my novel and suggests I try Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents.   I … Continue reading

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No athiests in foxholes?

When I had a brain tumor, I didn’t get religion on the eve of the surgery, and, so far, the intense need to to see my book in print hasn’t driven me to prayer.  Drink maybe, but not prayer.  Today … Continue reading

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Nobody does sad like the Irish

Kisses is an Irish movie that has Christmas and cute kids and it’s about as close to a “feel good” movie as the Pogues’ Fairytale of New York is to Silver Bells.  Kisses and the Pogues’ song both use Christmas … Continue reading

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Rupert Pupkin and me

I know that new writers have to show agents and publishers that they can help market their book, so  I have a Facebook page and obviously I blog.  And I keep Facebook and the blog updated, which demands daily attention.  … Continue reading

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No friends in high places for Afghan women

The Washington Post provides a grim update on the condition of Afghan women.  We learn that the Karzai government is drafting new rules that would ban private safe houses for women fleeing abuse and require eviction from public safe houses … Continue reading

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Republicans to homeowners – drop dead

In their zeal to destroy unions in America, Republicans haven’t dropped their other plans.  They have something for everyone, union member or not.  Dana Milbank of the Washington Post writes about Congressional Republican moves to eliminate government oversight of those … Continue reading

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Quotable skin

I’m always looking for blogs that cater to readers with short attention spans.  This one caught my attention and held it.  The subject is literary tattoos.  Interesting text and charming  presentation.

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