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Subway creates sandwich abomination.

There are more important events in the world than the act of food abuse recently committed by the Subway sandwich chain, but I couldn’t remain silent.  Pastrami with melted provolone!  What were they thinking?  Mustard and that’s it. My girlfriend … Continue reading

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I miss Yemen

My job used to take me to Yemen once or twice a year. I haven’t been there since 2009, and I miss the place and the people.  I miss Yemen though it is incredibly poor, misgoverned and many of its … Continue reading

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“…I am a spiteful man.”

“Notes from the Underground” is one of the few enthusiasms from my adolescence that still gives pleasure  (I am talking about intellectual enthusiasms here).   For an unloved, misunderstood 16 year-old, it was a fine revelation to discover that someone else … Continue reading

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