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Women and revolution in Yemen

My Yemeni friend, Mohammed Al-Asaadi, recently gave me a link via Facebook to an article on the role of women in the ongoing political protests in his country.  The article describes the increasing role of women in the movement to … Continue reading

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Islam and Democracy

This story from Time Magazine about one of the leaders of the pro-democracy movement in Yemen, Tawakul Karman, should at least give pause to those who believe that Islam and democracy are incompatible.  Ms. Tawakul, a journalist, is one of … Continue reading

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Qat chewing in Yemen – gateway to enlightenment or counter-revolutionary opiate of the masses?

You have probably noticed that the revolution in Yemen hasn’t gone quite as far as it did in Tunisia or Egypt. An article in the Washington Post says that the Yemeni national pastime of Qat chewing is a possible reason … Continue reading

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I miss Yemen

My job used to take me to Yemen once or twice a year. I haven’t been there since 2009, and I miss the place and the people.  I miss Yemen though it is incredibly poor, misgoverned and many of its … Continue reading

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