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Republicans and Bladerunner

For the fiction writer who suffers from periodic urges to deliver political sermons, the dystopian novel offers the possibility of combining your creative and your evangelical natures.   George Orwell did it, illuminating the essence of Stalinism in 1984. Ridley … Continue reading

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No agent yet, but there is always Percocet

The agent who took a look at the first 70 pages of my book says he doesn’t know the “right editors” for my novel and suggests I try Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents.   I … Continue reading

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No athiests in foxholes?

When I had a brain tumor, I didn’t get religion on the eve of the surgery, and, so far, the intense need to to see my book in print hasn’t driven me to prayer.  Drink maybe, but not prayer.  Today … Continue reading

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Rupert Pupkin and me

I know that new writers have to show agents and publishers that they can help market their book, so  I have a Facebook page and obviously I blog.  And I keep Facebook and the blog updated, which demands daily attention.  … Continue reading

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Post-partum depression for the novelist

I devoted so much care and attention to my book.  Those final obsessive checks and minute adjustments, and now it sits, ignored, for days at a time, generating guilt and despair. I’m trying to get it published.  I’ve written three … Continue reading

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Writers and the Dark side – a call to action, sort of

Most of us are writers out of high motives, the desire to make art and speak  truth, that sort of thing.  The potential for evil-doing is not what draws us.   Admittedly, the incentives to evil  aren’t usually as strong as … Continue reading

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What Now?

Founded in the belief that shameless self-promotion is a bedrock necessity for the modern writer. I’ve just written my first book, and this is the first entry in my first blog.  Every aspiring-to-be-published writer surely has heard by now that he … Continue reading

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