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Have Gun Will Travel

Every couple of months, somebody asks me for a business card, and I don’t have one. So, after years of doing without, I’m making a new one. The only information on it will be my name, email address and blog … Continue reading

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Happy Inauguration Day

About time for another blog entry. It’s been over a year and a half since my last one. Strangely, that sentence reminded me of the opening line of Catholic confession, or what used to be the opening line: “Bless me … Continue reading

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Going to get our freedom

I was in Birmingham, Alabama last month. First time I was ever in the state. I surprised myself at how strongly I was affected by visiting the city’s old civil rights battlegrounds. Standing in the Sixth Street Baptist Church where … Continue reading

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We are the 99 percent – web site gives eloquent voice to the victims of Wall Street

This is  a site put up by some of the people who organized the occupation of Wall Street.  It allows the poor and unemployed to post their photo and a letter describing their plight. It is very effective.

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21st Century Fascism

I’ve volunteered to work in Ohio on a ballot initiative.  We’re trying to overturn a piece of  legislation that pretty much cripples public employee unions.  It’s right out of the Republican play book.   You see it across the country.  And, … Continue reading

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Back in the USA

Vacation’s over and I can think of no better grounding on the reality I’ve come back to  than two Op-Ed pieces in the Washington Post by E.J. Dionne Jr. and Harold Meyerson.  Dionne is reflecting on the irony of America … Continue reading

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Are you scared yet?

It’s my last few days at La Muse, and I should be focused on my novel. But this morning I read a piece by Dana Milbank on Rick Perry.  Milbank portrays Perry as a religious bigot hell bent on establishing … Continue reading

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No racists in my family tree

Looking for hurricane news in the Times and found this – a very smart analysis of how popular entertainment, like the movie, The Help, distorts the reality of race relations during the segregation era.  The author of this piece doesn’t … Continue reading

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Evil doesn’t go on vacation

It’s nice to be tucked away in France for three weeks, but I can’t entirely ignore the self-inflicted catastrophe unfolding back home. This piece in the Washington Post summarizes the Republicans’ step-by-step campaign to reverse all of the gains in … Continue reading

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Republicans and Bladerunner – Part II

Dystopias are entertaining.  Bladerunner was an entertaining movie.  For some reason it’s fun to look into the future and see disaster.  But just because we like to watch our world trashed in a movie, doesn’t mean we want to live … Continue reading

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