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This is a Really Hard Book to Write

While I’m out here in the wilds of rural France. I hope to complete another two chapters of my novel, working title – There is Always a Price. The book takes the form of a memoir and it follows the … Continue reading

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Back in the USA

Vacation’s over and I can think of no better grounding on the reality I’ve come back to  than two Op-Ed pieces in the Washington Post by E.J. Dionne Jr. and Harold Meyerson.  Dionne is reflecting on the irony of America … Continue reading

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Call out the Guard. Where are the Pinkertons when we need them?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s threat to use the National Guard against state workers has a great deal of symbolic meaning beyond simple-minded demagoguery.  The last time the Guard was used against striking public employees was in 1968 during the Memphis … Continue reading

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