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Dog River

If you were an Egyptian general on your way to smite the Hittites you would have led your army up the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean through Lebanon.  This route had a major drawback, however, the Dog River, backed up … Continue reading

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Too many facts

The book I’m working on now is set in Lebanon around the years 1990 – 2005.  This period encompasses the civil war, the assassination of ex-Prime Minister Hariri and the 2006 Israeli invasion.  I want to concentrate on my characters, … Continue reading

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It’s tough to be a woman

One of the two man characters in my new novel is a woman.  She is also a Shia Muslim whose family was massacred during the Lebanese Civil War when she was young.  To save her life, she pretended to be … Continue reading

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Beirut, wonderful place once you get there

I arrived in Beirut after 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning on a flight from Frankfurt.  The Lufthansa flight was delayed by at least an hour due to passenger chaos.  Crowd control is not a strong suit with Lufthansa at the best … Continue reading

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It took an Englishman to explain the Lebanese civil war

I’m going to Lebanon in a few weeks, and I’ve been re-reading the classic history of the Lebanese civil war, Pity the Nation, by Robert Fisk. Fisk is an English journalist(who I mistakenly labelled “Irish” in an earlier version of … Continue reading

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