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If it wasn’t for women making country music, country music wouldn’t have no balls at all

The news from back home is not always depressing. I read a piece in yesterday’s paper about a new female Country and Western group, Pistol Annies, and I felt like maybe there was hope for America after all, despite the … Continue reading

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Et tu, Bob

Sure, Mariah Carey did it for Gaddafi, and Elton John did it for Rush Limbaugh, but China, Bob?  You had to perform for China, and not even Chinese students; you entertained a bunch of party hacks.  And the communists wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Nobody does sad like the Irish

Kisses is an Irish movie that has Christmas and cute kids and it’s about as close to a “feel good” movie as the Pogues’ Fairytale of New York is to Silver Bells.  Kisses and the Pogues’ song both use Christmas … Continue reading

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Roll over Ravi Shankar – outsiders play the blues in India

The Washington Post has a story today that should gladden the hearts of blues lovers and anyone who really doesn’t like Bollywood music.  The story introduces  Indian blues singer, Tipriti “Tips” Kharbangar, from India’s wild tribal northeast.  The sound of … Continue reading

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